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Asbestos & Vermiculite Abatement

The presence of Vermiculite within a residential attic space is problematic for the home owner trying to sell their property due to the assumed liability and risk that the purchaser will take on. In most cases, the ability of the purchaser to negotiate financing and insurance will be affected by the presence of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) within the vermiculite.

If you have vermiculite, there is no guarantee that it contains asbestos, (approximately 60% of Canadian homes with vermiculite contain vermiculite contaminated by asbestos). Testing of the vermiculite is required to determine if asbestos is present and should be the home owners first step when vermiculite is discovered. Due to the nature of asbestos fibers, settling within the vermiculite is common, meaning false negative sampling results are quite possible; accepted sampling guidelines dictate that multiple samples (3 minimum) are required to ensure accuracy of results. Cost of sampling from Northern AQS for the puposes of determination of vermiculite asbestos contamination is $890.00 plus HST plus truck fee where applicable and includes analysis of 3 bulk samples by an accredited laboratory and full written engineering format report.

The compostion of the vermiculite (friable versus non friable asbestos) in addition to the abaatement requirements will determine the type and cost of abatement required. Northern AQS offers abatement services which meet the Ontario 278/05 Asbestos Regulation requirements while minimizing home owner cost and in convenience.








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